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 About Student Outreach

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The NE Student Outreach Committee coordinates various student activities throughout the year. The Committee serves as a point of contact to student organizations for speakers on nuclear energy and non-proliferation topics, and to universities and area schools seeking speakers for career fairs, panel discussions, etc., or wishing to tour the Nuclear Energy Exhibition Hall during a visit to the Laboratory.

The Committee also maintains regular communications with university nuclear engineering programs in an effort to keep students and faculty informed about opportunities in the Nuclear Engineering Division for employment, student internships, etc.
Read testimonials directly from students who have participated in the Argonne summer internship program in the Nuclear Engineering Division.

Our outreach efforts include the creation of a list of reviewed and recommended resources about nuclear energy for middle and high school students and their teachers, "Nuclear Energy Learning Resources for School."
If you are a university student, be sure to check out the "Technical Resources for University Students" sidebar on our Students page for links to online nuclide charts, course materials from MIT, and more.


Past Activities

At a Summer Student Seminar
At a Summer Intern Seminar

2017 NE Summer Intern Seminar Series

Each year the NE Outreach Committee organizes an NE Summer Intern Seminar Series. The series is aimed at informing our summer students of the interesting and important work being done in NE. Students from other Argonne divisions are also invited to attend.

View the 2017 NE Summer Intern Seminar Series.

At a Summer 2014 guided Tour...
At a Summer 2014 guided tour...

2017 NE Facilities Guided Tours for Summer Interns

Each year the Nuclear Engineering Division Outreach Committee offers guided tours of select NE Division facilities for summer interns.

View the 2017 NE Facilities Guided Tours for Summer Interns.



Visit our website for Students and Teachers:
"Nuclear Energy Learning Resources for Home and School" at

Past Activities

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  7. Student Outreach Activities in 2010
  8. Student Outreach Activities in 2009
  9. Student Outreach Activities in 2008
  10. Student Outreach Activities in 2007
  11. 2006 Argonne Open House

Contact the Student Outreach Committee

If you would like to contact the NE Student Outreach Committee for further information or to request a student activity, please email .

Nuclear Energy Learning Resources Nuclear Energy Learning Resources for Home and School

Visit our website for Students and Teachers:
"Nuclear Energy Learning Resources for Home and School" at


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