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List of international resources for students at or below high school level about nuclear energy topics. Some of the pages are written for specific age groups (e.g., 14-16 years), and these are clearly marked. The resources are all in English. Make sure you also check out our additional list of international resources International (Other) including resources from countries where English is not the predominantly spoken language. Most of these also offer a complete or partial English translation of their materials.

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Foro nuclear (Spain)

Comprehensive website by the Spanish Nuclear Industry Forum, a nonprofit association of Spanish companies involved in the peaceful use of nuclear power. The website also provides a number of resources in English including: "Most common Questions about nuclear energy", "Nuclear energy in Spain and in the world", "Spanish nuclear industry", "Nuclear Technology Dictionary English-Spanish", photo gallery, virtual tour of a PWR and more. Visitors can also access an extensive library specializing in nuclear sector books and periodicals (most documents are in Spanish).
Available in Spanish and English.
:: en Español | in English

Ver también International Resources de nuestro sitio web para obtener más información sobre "Foro Nuclear" en Español.

Last accessed by NE: Mar. 4, 2013

Foro nuclear (Spain) (Germany)

German information portal for the peaceful use of nuclear energy. Site in German language. A group of resources is also available in English, with resources covering Nuclear Power Plants in Germany, Power Supply, Safety, etc.

Mehr (auf Deutsch) zu auf unsere "International Resources" Seite.

Last accessed by NE: Mar. 4, 2013 (European Commission)

Nucleonica is a nuclear science website developed at the Institute for Transuranium Elements (European Commission). Nucleonica is both for students and professionals. Their main emphasis is on providing web-based applications - dosimetry and shielding etc. Parts of the website are free of charge while the use of others requires an annual fee.
Among the free educational resources (suitable for high school students) featured at Nucleonica we recommend:
:: "The world of Nuclides"

Last accessed by NE: Mar. 7, 2013


European Nuclear Society

The aims of the European Nuclear Society (ENS) are to promote and to contribute to the advancement of science and engineering in the field of the peaceful uses of nuclear energy. Make sure you check out these resources:

:: "The glossary of nuclear terms", exhaustive, terrific for all ages, available also as downloadable PDF file

:: "The info pool on nuclear topics"
exploring the energy uses of nuclear: what is a reactor?, nuclear power plants, nuclear in the energy mix, generation IV. Suitable for high school students.

Last accessed by NE: Mar. 7, 2013

European Nuclear Society

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