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 About Student Outreach

Activities in 2011

2011 Summer Activities Chronicle

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  • At the June 21 lunch for students and supervisors/managers.
  • Students enjoy a tasty break after the Fast Reactor Physics & Nuclear Fuel Cycle Seminar
  • At the June 21 lunch: time to relax and socialize after all those viewgraphs!
  • Oops! Forgot to turn off the projector.
  • Hobnobbing with the brass: Dr. Bob Hill (standing, right) and Dr. Jordi Roglans (sitting, right) discussing with a group of students.
  • Dr. Temitope Taiwo paying a visit to one of the students' tables...
  • At the table with nuclear engineers Dave Pointer (with mohawk and nuclear tattoo) and Justin Thomas (left) and Engineering Operations Section Manager Jim Grudzinki (right).
  • Another view of the room during the sandwich lunch
  • Managers get to wear jeans?! Deputy Division Director Dr. Jordi Roglans (standing) shares a joke with with a group of students.
  • Dr. Bob Hill (standing, white shirt) gets some feeback on his seminar...

June 21: Lunch for students and supervisors/managers

A few snapshots taken at the lunch for students and supervisors/managers immediately following the the "Fast Reactor Physics & Nuclear Fuel Cycle" Seminar (June 21, 2011).

The seminar series aims to provide students with technical information in areas not usually covered by university courses. In the case of reactor physics, most university coursework covers only the physics of thermal reactors. This first seminar of the series addressed how fast reactor physics differs from thermal reactor physics, and how the fast spectrum allows pursuit of various strategic objectives, e.g., resource extension, actinide burnup in lieu of disposal, and weapons material disposition. The students came away from the seminar with a clear understanding of what is unique about the physics of fast reactors.

The seminar was followed by an NE division sandwich lunch social, giving the summer students, as well as professionals serving summer appointments in NE, an opportunity to meet members of the NE staff in an informal setting. Delicious sandwiches and energizing conversation between students and staff were enjoyed by all.

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