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 About Student Outreach

Activities in 2009

2009 ANS National Student Conference @ University of Florida

The 2009 American Nuclear Society Student Conference, "Nuclear Engineers - Reacting to Power the World", was hosted by the ANS Student Chapter at the University of Florida April 1-5. More than 350 students and 100 professionals participated in four days of technical sessions, plenary discussions, tours, and workshops. Argonne’s Nuclear Engineering (NE) and Chemical Science and Engineering (CSE) divisions provided a three-hour workshop on “Design and Simulation of Advanced Fast Reactors and Fuel Recycling Technologies.” Workshop presentations by Argonne staff members Ed Hoffman (NE), David Pointer (NE), and Kent Wardle (CSE) discussed the motivation for the development of advanced fuel cycles and provided an introduction to fast reactors and fuel recycling technologies. The workshop was attended by more than 30 students on average over the course of the three-hour time period. Approximately 15 students attended the entire workshop, with additional students moving between the workshop and parallel technical sessions. All attendees were provided with CD’s containing copies of the presentations used in the workshop, additional reference materials, and links to Argonne resources on the internet.

Justin Thomas (NE) talking with students at the career booth.
Justin Thomas (NE) talking with students at the career booth.
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As part of the meeting, the students organized a two-day career fair, at which Argonne staff members David Pointer (NE), Justin Thomas (NE) and Kent Wardle (CSE) hosted an Argonne information booth and discussed Argonne’s nuclear science and technology efforts and student opportunities with participants. To attract students to the Argonne booth, a piece of CP-1 graphite was raffled off at the closing banquet in a random drawing. As in previous years, the graphite prize generated a great deal of interest among student attendees, who discussed shared ownership plans should one of them win. More than 60 raffle entries and more than 45 student resumes were collected.

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